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Whether you are new to English language,
or taking the next steps in your career and development,
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Group Discussion

English Impact will make a positive difference to your conversation in public.
Frontage has introduced an exciting new speaking skills course...

Interactive English Learning

Enjoy a wide range of fun, interactive English games and activities that are perfect for everyone to learn English Language...




Learning English Grammar is fun and useful.
Quick learning with all grammar lessons including
guides, tense usage, structures...

FRONTAGE an English Learning Centre

You may be well-qualified. You may be good at WRITING in English. But can you SPEAK English smoothly without hesitations?
Writing-skills or translating-skills WONT make you fluent inspeech. Nor will traditional teaching methods. Nor mastery over collection of ready-made sentences. Nor cassette-listening.
So, our Course uses specialised techniques. These techniques are the product of research.

At FRONTAGE we constantly strive to improve our teaching methodology, study material and classroom assignment. The course methodology is dynamic as it takes into account the changes that we notice in the pattern of the examination.

"The FRONTAGE English Language Learning Centre has over 21 years' experience in providing a wide range of Academic and Specialist English courses for National / International ..."

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